UK Elections

This section provides further information about UK elections.  Currently the section only contains information about UK local elections from 1964 onwards. Detailed parliamentary and local government election results from 1850 onwards can be obtained using the search page here.

 Historical Summary of UK Local Elections from 1964 to 2017

 This section summarises the elections held for each local government authority held since 1964 (only partial information exists for local elections held in Scotland).  It summaries voter participation and the competition in the party system over the period elections were held. It compares levels of turnout in each local authorities elections with others of the same authority type (e.g. Barking and Dagenham is compared to other London Borough councils). The analysis of party systems provides a measure for the dominance (or lack of) of a single party over the period studied.

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Local Elections Resources

One of the definitive centres for the study of local government elections is the Elections Centre website founded by professors Michael Thrasher and Colin Rallings of Nuffield College, Oxford. Their web site reflects the wealth of knowledge and research the founders and their team have generated since the 1980s and is an essential resource for anyone interested in the study of UK local elections.

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UK Election Studies

This section provides links to election studies produced by the authors of the Uniballot project.

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